I offer a variety of editing services, depending on what stage your manuscript is at. If you are unsure about what level of editing your manuscript needs, please refer to the notes below.

Manuscript assessment
I can provide a report on your manuscript to help you prepare it for submission to an agent or publisher or to help you identify what steps you need to take before self-publishing. I will assess the quality of the writing and offer constructive feedback on your manuscript.

I also recommend Jeanne Bannon, an author and editor who has worked in publishing for over 20 years, for fiction manuscript assessments. You can find Jeanne at Inspired to Write.

Structural editing
A structural edit ensures that your manuscript is organised logically, and that the language and tone are consistent and suitable for your audience. During a structural edit, I can help you identify sections of text that could be rearranged. I can also offer suggestions for rewriting in order to convey your message more effectively.

For fiction manuscripts, I will assess content issues such as consistency in characterisation, effectiveness of dialogue and point-of-view problems.

After a structural edit and rewriting, your manuscript needs to be copyedited. During copyediting, I will meticulously check your manuscript for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will check facts and ensure consistency. In addition, I will make suggestions for improving sentence structure and word choice, while being respectful of your unique voice as an author. For fiction manuscripts, I will identify any content issues that still need to be addressed.

When copyediting, I adhere to house style or develop an editorial style sheet for your individual project. I have experience with copyediting for Australian, Canadian, UK and US authors.

After you have revised your manuscript following the copyediting process, a designer will lay the manuscript out for printing and/or prepare it for ebook conversion. Proofreading is conducted at this stage to find any remaining errors before publication. I can provide a diligent and thorough proofread, paying close attention to detail.